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FIOBCO offers a full-service tent rental in Dubai and beyond for your special event

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We create a custom design and we deliver it with a passion and a dedication to quality

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Tent Rental in Dubai – Tailored for You

We customize tents based on measurements and required shape and size.

We have tents to use for any and all events and occasions

Our dedicated and experienced team worth 24/7 for optimal customer satisfaction

We can fit the tents with your chosen amenities for maximum looks and comfort

We customize tents based on measurements and required shape and size.

We have tents to use for any and all events and occasions

Our dedicated and experienced team worth 24/7 for optimal customer satisfaction

We can fit the tents with your chosen amenities for maximum looks and comfort

Let FIOBCO Tent Rental Help You Plan Your Next Special Event!

Tent Rental Projects

Here are a few of many projects. We provide a professional service which includes consultation, free estimate, design and installation.

Let’s Make Your Tent Rental Project A Success

We, at FIOBCO, have a wide range of tent rentals for you to choose from as a semi-permanent structure for space. Our range of tents, halls, and gazebos are lightweight enough to be easily and quickly set up and dismantled. We make sure there are no problems or hitches in the event by ensuring we have your desired tent ready and installed on time for your event. You needn’t even worry about us taking it down on time after your event is done. We, as tent rental dubai suppliers, make sure we do not cause any inconvenience to you or the landlord by quickly taking it down at the end of your event. We strive to not only provide you with tent suppliers in Dubai and beyond, but we also work with you to ensure it’s what you want. We keep you involved throughout the planning phase to ensure the tent meets your project requirements and specifications. Our team will use their advice and experience in helping you choose the most appropriate tents for it.

We have a tent rental service ready for all events. It may be a wedding, an exhibition, corporate gatherings, award ceremonies, an Iftar gathering or any other dinner with friends and family or even just some storage space like an additional temporary warehouse, we at FIOBCO have something for you. You get to choose the right tents rental based on why and where you plan to use it, the amount of available space, your budget and all the additional accessories you may require. We even have a double-storied tent rental available if space is a constraint, and you need to accommodate maximum people in the available space. When you hire a tents from us, we make sure we provide you with a top-quality tent which will not create any complications or problems during the event. Our tents are all made using the best materials and though temporary structures are strong enough to remain standing tall even in winds with a speed of 100km/h.

Our team not only puts up, and dismantles the tent on time for your event, we also keep all our tents clean and well maintained. We know the importance of cleanliness and hygiene during an event which is why we place so much emphasis on it. We are ready to create your ideal and customized tent rental befitting the wedding or event you have planned out. We have a variety of accessories to use in our tents for various reasons. We have amenities like generators and integrated air conditioners for added comfort and continuous power supply.

So you see, with FIOBCO, it doesn’t matter why you need a tent supplier in UAE. Our focus is only to provide you with tent rentals you will be happy with, and which ensures your event is a striking success. In short, our tent Dubai units are:

  • Customizable
  • Come in various sizes, materials, colours, and designs
  • Meant for any occasion
  • Set up and dismantled by a dedicated and experienced team that works 24/7 to provide hassle-free service
  • Meant for events and even additional commercial space

If you are not happy with the looks of our wedding tents in Dubai, you have the liberty of placing an order to have it changed as per your needs. You can add perhaps PVC side walls, some clear windows, glass walls and even transparent PVC roof covers for added and natural sunlight and illumination in the tent.

We also have a host of accessories to use to beautify the interiors like appropriate lining decoration, flooring systems, and weight plates and anchors to choose from. We, in fact, are proud to be one of the tent supplier in UAE.

About FIOBCO Tent Rental

Whether you are organizing a wedding and need wedding tent rental Dubai, an Iftar tent, majlis tent, traditional majlis, sports event, a party tents or an exhibition, and any type of tents FIOBCO is a famous tent supplier in UAE that has the right tent rental and shades solution just for you.
We boast of a huge range of tent rental solutions for you to choose from based on material, number of people it can accommodate, the occasion, your budget and the extra amenities you want with it.
Our event tent rental is perfect to provide you with the additional space you may require on a temporary basis. It’s affordably priced, and offers sufficient space for all your tent rental needs and requirements whether it’s in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere in the GCC.

FIOBCO also caters to commercial establishments’ space needs. We can provide you with additional space if you need to temporarily expand a restaurant or need some additional ware-house or showroom space. In fact, we are also one of the few tent manufactures in UAE that provide tents for labour and military camps if required.
While most of our tents have a clear span width of 3-60 meters, our team is ready to customize a tent rental in Dubai and beyond to your measurements and requirements too. We even give you the liberty of opting to add plain PVC side walls, clear windows, a choice of ABS, glass or sandwich walls and even transparent PVC roof covers to let your tent to make it stand out from the crowd.

With a FIOBCO FACTORY LLC tents in place, you needn’t even worry about its durability. All of our professionally designed tents are built durable and sturdy too. It’s strong enough to stand straight even in winds at a speed of up to 100km/h. This is because our tents also come with flooring systems, weight plates, and anchors and lining decoration.


What Our Customers Say

“I worked with FIOBCO on a few projects so far. Their tent rental service has always been amazing. They go the extra-mile and deliver on time. This is why I always recommend them to all my clients.”


Eng. Anas Almarie

Event Speaker – Social Station (Dubai, UAE)

“Finding the right partner for our tent rental projects was a real hassle. We never had a smooth experience as we did with FIOBCO They are the best in the market and their prices are affordable”


Eng. Rami Melli

General Manager – ARAR Group (Dubai, UAE)