How to Choose the Best Car Sun shed? A Quick Guide for Beginners

Every single time, your car is subjected to elements, it probably undergoes some degradation. One major element which can cause the worst damage to your car beauty is the sunlight, especially UV rays. As the paint of the car is designed just to withstand it, but longer exposure will damage the car paint and can even flake it off. Possibly it will make your car look old and even reduce the resale value too. This is the main moment when the use of a car sun  shade will come to your rescue!

Why you should use Car Sun Shed?

The use of car sun shade will prevent the whole damage from attacking your car paint under the sun’s light. Another major reason to use sunshade is that it will prevent the car from getting heated up when they are under the hard sunlight. As you will be leaving the car outside under the sun, the use of a windshield will grab all the solar radiation. In short, it acts as a greenhouse to trap the UV rays.

We all know that sun rays that are passing through the windshield, will damage the dashboard which can ruin the premium material of your car’s beauty. Apart from it, the build-up of heat can even deteriorate the upholstery or the electronics inside the car.

What are the benefits of a car sun shed?

Using the car sun shade will solve enough of your problems. Some of them are discussed below:

  • It will help you to protect the paint of your car from slow damage. Plus, it will even keep the car to stay brand new for a long time.
  • Plus, you can also protect your internal components with the help of a sunshade. This includes a dashboard that can easily get flake off from excessive UV rays.
  • Besides, it also protects the car’s upholstery and electronics from facing any heat damage.

Different Types of Car Sun Shades

Now as we have already talked about the benefits of car sun shed, now let’s move to the various options of car sun shade Dubai available on the market.

  • Traditional car sunshade covers

This has been one of the most common and regularly used car covers which are made from durable plastic fabric. Its main purpose is to cover the whole car to keep it safe from the UV sun rays.

  • Coverking

Coverking is offering custom-made covers that are available for all car models. You can find these sun shades having some advanced features such as breathable, few seams, and has dust-resistant fabrics. Plus, it even includes some elasticized bottoms for ensuring the snug fit and extra security grommets.

  • Intro-Tech Automotive

Intro-Tech Automotive is offering some sun-protective car covers which are all custom-designed for all car models. These covers are made from excellent quality 150 Denier woven polyester fabrics coated with the aluminized polyurethane acrylic to completely reflect sunlight.

Plus, they have been designed to stay dust-resistant, water-resistant, and have foldable nature quality. You can purchase versatile color options as well.

  • Dash Designs

Dash Designs are putting forward with some best and trendy designs of dashboard covers. These covers play an important role to protect your car from sun rays or heavy winds. You can also get these sun shades to have them placed under the windshield for reducing the heating.

Lanmodo Umbrella Car Sun shade

Lanmodo has taken an innovative approach and is offering numerous solutions to the car damage problem. This sunshade acts as the foldable umbrella which is best to be used as the sunshade for your car. This car sun shade is easy to use with just the press of one button. Apart from protecting your car from sun rays, it even keeps your car away from bird droppings, dust, rain, or fallen leaves.

As you will be keeping the car in the complete shade, it will often keep the temperature to stay inside the 36° lower. You can have it in 4 different color options to pick the one according to your car requirements. This sunshade is made from water-resistant nitrile rubber.

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